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"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." - Buddha

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  • We offer Counselling, therapy, High-Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, and Personal Training to become the best version of yourself.

  • Abundance Wellness Coaching is an opportune way to move forward toward a new level of optimal health, fitness, and wellness.

  • We understand that total well-being extends well beyond the physical dimensions. Abundance wellness is a Mind, Body & Soul approach to developing a vision for wellness in multiple life areas.


My name is Kirandeep

I am a Licenced Counsellor and therapist who has over 5 years of experience working in the health sector.  My clinical experience includes working in mental health services, providing therapy for ACC-sensitive claims, facilitating health education and therapy groups, and providing vocational rehabilitation.

I provide individual and self-paced online therapy; for those experiencing depression, anxiety (including social anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, and panic attacks), burnout, stress, emotional distress, trauma, and psychotic disorders.
I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR Therapy to heal past trauma, and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Mountain Ridge

Trusted Life Coach

  • We help clients to identify obstacles and develop strategies to overcome them.

  • The empowering thing about Wellness Coaching unlike the 'expert model' is that we hand over responsibility for change to the client. With our guidance, you set your values and identify what is most important to you in life. In line with your values, we help you set about a plan that will guide you towards positive change in a number of key lifestyle areas.

  • These areas may include Physical and emotional Health, Relationships , career, finance , social life and environment. We provide guidance around nutrition, weight management, energy levels and associated sleeping patterns.

Grow Your Vision

if you are   Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your career or emotional life? Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As a certified Life Coach, I can help you understand and manage whatever life throws at you, and how to do it successfully. I believe that you have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive.

I believe that everyone has the ability to feel better, live healthier, and live an empowered life. I want you to achieve that. A holistic approach towards your entire self that includes mind, body, and soul to reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself. My mission and why I do what I do is to help people realize how much power they have in themselves to heal their minds, brains, and bodies. I have dedicated my life to finding out how to make mental health care and knowledge easily applicable affordable and accessible to everyone.

You may not have access to a therapist, but you do have something more powerful which is your mind and you are not broken or defective you never have to settle or learn to compensate. You can and should do many things that can alter, change, slow down, and even adverse the current state of your brain and body. These things are mind driven and are the result of your choices and which are creating your feelings as a result of thinking and this is the mind in action

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All About Us

The Abundance wellness Journey

At Abundance wellness, we sincerely care about your well-being.  we’ve been working closely with our valued clients in order to provide them with exactly what they need to look and feel healthier.

Our goal is to show clients how to lose weight and keep it off with behavior modification, nutritional and life coaching, and spiritual direction.  Weight loss involves the whole person.  Your mind, body, and spirit.  I have found that learning about your moods, your daily stress, your day, and your life provides a pattern of habits that we work through.  When you start to change habits, weight loss becomes easy, and you learn to keep it off, forever.

What makes this program different from all of the others you have tried?  We develop a relationship with you through daily coaching.  Throughout my career which started in 2016 in weight loss and fitness, I have found coaching and counselling my clients every day on journals is the key to their success.  Coaching allows us to address your specific needs and assist you in modifying your behaviors, enabling you to achieve your weight loss and holistic health goals.  This is not a long-term diet plan.  This is about behavior modification and moderation.



Once you reach your weight loss goal, we work with you on maintaining your weight loss  and learning to be moderate in your foods.  I teach that all food is good food (as long as no allergies or medical issues) if eaten in moderation. Practicing your behavior changes and moderation are essential to keep the weight off.  We can help you!  If you are up for a challenge and are ready to make lifestyle changes, we are here to help you!

But is there really hope for me?  Can I finally lose the weight and keep it off?  Yes if you are willing to work with your coach, the goal is achievable.  If you are up for a challenge, we can meet it!  God Bless You!.  Kiran

Abundance wellness is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today!

                                          "A healthy outside starts from the inside"

Robert Ulrich

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