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When you're feeling lost and struggling, no answer seems right.

When you're feeling lost and struggling, it's almost guaranteed that you have no idea where to start or how to fix it. Everyone else seems to have their life together except for you.

This is the situation where most people are when they find us.

People still ask me, what is Life Hack really about? What do you mean by "hacking" life, really?

If you've been following these posts, you may have gotten a gist of Life Hack's approach to life.

If I had to sum it all up in one phrase, I think I would use "getting more out of life while facing reality head-on".

That's why we deplore pure fluff, theory and feel-good vibes that drift away like the wind.

We care about action. Getting results. We want to make things tangible and repeatable. The ability to make things into reality... despite the tough reality that many of you face.

These are core values that we absolutely believe in, in order to make any real sustainable change in life.

Do you believe in some of these too?

We believe in Life Multipliers:

To live above limitations, you need leverage. If something doesn't give you more time, more action or more meaning in life... then it's not doing the job! Go for the trunk, not the leaves.

We believe in Distilling Ideas And Proving Them There's not enough time to reinvent the wheel all the time. Instead, we like to test and re-test the best ideas, blueprints and methodologies and distill them digestible step-by-step pieces.

We believe in a Full Spectrum Life Tunnel vision on "success" in just one part of life almost always leads to a dead end. True happiness comes from living the full spectrum of life meaningfully... from work and relationships to mental strength and spiritual wellness. You need all of it. And that's not being ambitious!

We believe in Precise Solutions Time is limited. You don't need the whole nine yards every single time. Instead, we try to hit precise action points and focus on the most pressing pain points first.

We believe in Efficient, Practical & Actionable ideas Theory and "positive feelings" isn't enough. We care about practical actions that you can incorporate into everyday life with affordable time and effort.

We believe in Sustainable Change We don't believe in one-hit wonders. It's all about regular incremental progress that snowballs into enormous momentum. That's real change that lasts.

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