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Bulletproof tips for guaranteed booty growth

Bulletproof tips on how to grow a booty

Firstly, there’s one thing you MUST remember: you have to train your glutes each week more than once.

This is because muscle protein synthesis levels return to baseline after 48 hours – meaning they’re recovered and ready to be tested again. This is what I mean:

Monday: Glutes

Tuesday: Focusing on other muscle groups

Wednesday: Glutes

Thursday: Focusing on other muscle groups and/or rest.

Friday: Glutes

Saturday and Sunday: focusing on other muscle groups and/or rest.

Okay, now you know how much you need to train your glutes.

Now let’s look at some great exercises:

1. If you want to grow your booty squats are a must!

Yeah, they’re great for your legs but are too often overlooked for your glutes.

A recent study used ultrasound (far better than other measurements) to report the muscle growth of the glutes during the hip thrusts and the squats.

The researchers recruited advanced female trainers who performed hip thrusts and deep squats for 12 weeks, measuring their “1 Rep Max” (1RM) and muscle growth.

And not surprisingly, hip thrusts induced significant improvements in glute strength and glute size.

But when it came to overall glute growth and muscle growth, the squats were significantly better for growth!

In fact, the glute growth resulting from squats was more than twice the hip thrusts.

So, why is this?

Research shows that muscle growth is best when a muscle is under more tension. Such is the case with the squats; you'll notice there's a shorter range of motion during hip thrusts than there is with squats.

But this is not to say we should leave out hip thrusts altogether, which brings us to our next exercise...

Squats seem to be better for glute growth.

Squats seem to be better for glute growth.

2. Hip Thrusts are great because you can load up the weight on the glutes

There are two strong tips here:

Make sure you pause at the top of the movement

Really squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and focus on the mind-muscle connection all the way.

Also, it's critical we have our shins in a vertical position at the top, which we can ensure by having our feet not too close or far away.

I've spoken on this blog many times about the three principles for muscle growth:

Mechanical Tension

Metabolic Stress

Muscle Damage

And hip thrusts are great at eliciting mechanical tension (resulting from the heavyweight), and metabolic stress (a pump in the glutes from the exercise, and generally feeling gassed after a set).

But we don't get much of a muscle stretch, aka muscle damage (the third principle!) during hip thrusts.

This brings us to our next exercise...

3. Lunges are tough but will really help grow your glutes

With the walking dumbbell lunge, you want to adopt a stride length your shin angle at the bottom is just slightly forward.

Ensure the front of your knee is lined up with the front of your shoes and isn't spilling over it.

And here’s a super important tip: Make sure you lean forward about 20 degrees to work your glutes more (but not as far as 45 degrees).

Also, taking a short step before a rep works the quads more, whilst a too longer step will work the hamstrings more.

4. An underrated glute exercise: Hyperextensions

Not as popular, but very effective – hyperextensions work the glutes, hamstrings, and erectors really well.

The other alternative to totally isolate the glutes is to "round over at your spine fully" at the bottom. This takes your lower back (erectors) right out of it, and just your glutes and hamstrings will be worked!

PRO TIP: Turn your feet outwards 45 degrees, which will also deliver more glute activation.

So, you know so far:

How many times you can train your glutes

Some great exercises you can use to grow them

Now you need to keep the last point in mind for every rep you perform...

The Mind Muscle Connection for optimal glute growth

It sounds a bit hocus pocus, but it’s not – research shows the mind-muscle contraction works.

This is when you visualise the muscle and metaphorically "put your mind into your muscle" and really focus on the contraction.

Watch any serious lifter with strong glute development, and you'll see a deep focus with each repetition – not just hard-out crazy lifting with terrible form!

By really concentrating on each rep and squeezing and contracting correctly, you'll be well on your way to superior growth.

The bottom line on growing your glutes

Glute growth can be achieved with a proper strategy: training them three times a week, and choosing exercises like squats, hip thrusts, lunges (whilst leaning forward 20 degrees), and hyperextensions.

Also, paying proper attention to the mind-muscle connection for each rep is important for optimal muscle growth.

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