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Be Kind

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

If you’re strapped for ideas, here are 10 ways you can show others some love starting today!

1. Treat the person in line for coffee behind you to a free cup of Joe (just hand a few extra bucks to the barista!).

2. Text a friend or two you haven’t spoken to in a while, and see how they’re going.

3. Drop off cookies (or anything chocolate) for a neighbor who doesn’t get out much.

4. Watch a friend’s children for an hour or two so they can run an errand/take a shower/exercise.

5. Tell the person on the other end of a customer service call to have a nice day.

6. Give a stranger a compliment (you’d be surprised how just saying, “You have great hair” could brighten someone’s day).

7. Pass along a book you loved to a friend (they won’t mind if there are underlined parts and dog-eared pages).

8. Frame a favorite, old photo and mail it to your parents, aunt or uncle.

9. Walk a neighbor’s dog (or dog sit) so they get a little extra time in their day.

10. Put money in someone’s parking meter (and leave a note on their windshield to “Have a nice day!”).

By showing up for other people, you’re bettering their lives and yours.

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