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7 Keys to Holistic Self-Care

The #1 thing you can do every day for self-care is to bring more light into your life. Getting sunlight in our eyes during the day is vital for regulating our biorhythms, hormones, sleep, and moods.

#2: WATER Water is essential for all life on Earth, and it is essential for our bodies to thrive. The body of an adult is 60% water and blood is 90% water. Optimal hydration is vital for all the systems of the body to function properly.

#3: FOOD Eating healthy food builds our body, supports wellness and protects us from illness. Our bodies need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals every day that are provided by nourishing ourselves with good food.

#4: NATURE Getting outside each day, in every season, is the best thing we can do to boost our mood and our health.

#5: MOVEMENT Healthy movement is an essential self-care practice for long life. Our bodies need to move to thrive. Movement is necessary for every system in our body to function.

#6: COMMUNITY Through healthy and positive socialization with others, we grow and flourish in health. Research has shown that babies grow faster and stronger with touch, eye-to-eye connection, and the sound of loving voices.

#7: REST The art of resting is one of the most underrated, yet most wonderful, facets of whole health. We live in a culture that pushes to do more, work harder, be relentless, go bigger, and idolizes overachieving. However, balance is essential, and regularly taking time for a full rest gives us the ability to take smarter actions with more efficiency, enthusiasm, and energy. Resting is a time of recuperation, healing, and restoring.

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